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Why Offer Letter is the top staffing company in India?

After 25 years of rolling up our sleeves and recruiting over 2,000 people for unique and strategic roles across multiple industries including business consulting, technology, and engineering for Fortune 100 clients, our team of experts in the Human Resource Industry began a new journey with the creation of Offer Letter UK Ltd.

Offer Letter has a huge client list in staffing with Cognizant, Wipro UK, Equine Register Ltd UK, SONY India Software Centre, H&R Block, Xebia IT Architects, HTC Global, Allianz Technologies, Hitachi Consulting, Williamslea, Tech Mahindra, Quest Global, SFO Technologies, Reflections info systems, Etc.

Staffing is a continuous process of repetitive nature. Many employees may leave the organization and may join others and vice versa.


Employee’s turnover process is affected due to various reasons like transfer, voluntary retirement, dismissal, discharge, retrenchment, etc. This ratio of employee turnover has to be constantly monitored by the management to have a clear picture of incoming and outgoing employees. This would enable the management to maintain an optimum level of staffing at all times.

We conduct a Psychometric assessment of candidates via Pearson Global. We use Nintex’s K2 digital process automation (DPA) platform, which helps clients to induct 1 in every 2 CVs send.

We use Watson-Glaser tests for Critical thinking appraisal and a useful tool to identify candidates for large campaigns.

We use Versant, a tool that predicts how expert human interviewers would score a test, allowing you to get instant, unbiased results, anywhere in the world.