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In April of 2019, after nearly 25 years of rolling up our sleeves and recruiting over 2,000 people for unique and strategic roles across multiple industries including business consulting, technology, and engineering for Fortune 100 clients, our team of experts in the Human Resource Industry began a new journey with the creation of Offer Letter UK Ltd.

Built largely on an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative culture, five empowered team members each fueled by an innovative spirit to think outside of the box in meeting any and all client needs, Offer Letter UK Ltd is a successful business comprised of winners. This vibrant growing team is ready and able to cut through the noise of stressful and expensive talent acquisition solutions and technologies, to get the job done.

Offer Letter UK Ltd aims to provide you with optimum value – whether scaling for hyper-growth or at a pivotal stage in seeking out a highly specialized role, our team provides customized services with dedicated expertise and execution.

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